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Even though I didn’t sleep well last night (Michael’s snoring drove me to the couch), we’ve had a good day so far. Woke up, showered, made breakfast for me and Gracie…when I got out the whisk to make the scrambled eggs, she grabbed it and said “I do!! I do!!!”. It was the first time I’d heard her say that. She is growing up so fast. Anyway, we had breakfast, got dressed and went to the Bounce House for playtime. What a workout! It’s one of those places with the huge inflatable bounce “houses” indoors…climbing ladders, sliding down slides, jumping through obstacles. We had fun. Mama got a nice vinyl burn on her elbow…I’ll live. Gracie loved it. We played for about an hour, then had lunch and came home. She’s napping peacefully now, so I’m getting in a little computer time. I’m trying to limit my surf time so I don’t get sucked in to every single web page…there is a life outside the ‘net. Or so I hear…LOL


My stepsister and her family survived the tornado that hit in Mississippi on Wednesday night. They lost everything they owned.

I saw pictures. There is no logical reason why they survived that tornado. Horrific.

So, Amber and I…we’ve spoken maybe 3-4 times over the past 10 years. She actually slept with a boyfriend of mine (when I wouldn’t) back in high school. So, we aren’t the best of friends or anything.

I get some clothes together, get some friends to donate some things for her and her family. My husband is asking me “Why? You don’t like her, you don’t like your parents, why bother?” He thinks I’m a sucker.

1. I feel bad for her. She’s lost her home, her sense of security. She clutched her infant to her while they were buffeted about the house that was falling down around her. No one deserves such things.

2. Karma. I don’t particularly believe in it, but hey, it can’t hurt.

3. Atheists can have compassion; be moral and good people.

4. I’m a softie. I’ll talk shit about you, say I hate you, but in crisis, I’m there for you.

5. I don’t want my stepmother to tell people I stood by and offered nothing. She would do that.

Call me hypocritical…eh.