So…I’ve decided to recognize Lent this year. Not as a religious event/sacrifice/whathaveyou, but as a personal way of marking time. From the excesses of Mardi Gras, the Super Bowl (WOOHOO SAINTS!!!) and the disappearance of my New Year’s resolutions, I decided to do this exercise. Better myself. Physically and perhaps mentally.

I’m 30 pounds heavier than I would like to be. Personally. Not what society thinks I should be, not what the magazines think I should be. Than I want to be. It’s hell on my self-confidence and my sex life, unfortunately. My husband loves my body how it is, but I’m still self-conscious about it. So, it’s something I’d like to change. I rejoined Weight Watchers online. I had quite a bit of success with it last time, of course, I wasn’t cooking for three people then, either. I am also exercising. Jillian Michaels 30 day shred for one. I need to find a nice yoga workout for in between the OMG I want to throw up workouts.

I’m going to abstain from alcohol. Except for St. Patrick’s Day. I think maybe I’ve been hitting the bottle a bit too much lately, and that is contributing to my beer gut. 🙂 Damn you, Abita, and your delicious, delicious beers. This is going to be a war of willpower here…Michael always has something in the house. And after a day of toddler wrangling, a glass of wine or a couple of beers sound heavenly. Willpower, you must be my friend!

In the next ten days:


Phew. I’m tired typing all of that out.