As usual, I’m late with the sentiment. 🙂

2009…where did the year go? Gratefully, nothing bad happened to our family in 2009.  There were actually some good things, now that I think about it.

Michael and I went on a real, one week vacation. Without Gracie. We got to explore a new area that we are interested in moving to, and that was spectacular.

I went back to college, after being out for 5 years, and completed my Bachelor’s degree in one semester. Yay!! I’m finally a bona fide edumacated person. And it only took 14 years and 50K in student loans. That’s the bad part, I guess…I’ll be paying those back FOR-EV-ER.

Gracie has continued to develop into such a special, beautiful, smart and SASSY toddler. 🙂 While her energy, her love, her curiousness amazes me, her whining and sassiness wear me out…so goes being the parent of a toddler.

2009 wasn’t a bad year. It was stagnant in some ways, progressive in others. I don’t think it was regressive in any way, so that’s good.

What are some goals for 2010?

Get back in the work force. Time to go back to work to bulk up our savings. I’m looking forward to it in some ways; being around adults, set routine, some mad money of my own. I am NOT happy about putting Gracie in day care, though. I don’t know where to begin in finding a good one, and I have to see where I’m getting a job (anywhere in a 50 mile radius) before I can decide where to put her. I’m not happy about her, at 2.5 years old, being away from both parents for 10 hours a day. My time with her is precious, and I’m scared of the consequences.

Better budgeting. Trim the fat. Sacrifice. If we want to get out of this hellhole before Gracie starts Kindergarten, we have to sacrifice. It’s the only way.

Get in shape. Come on, this HAS to be on the list. It’s on everyone’s.

Ramp up the bedroom athletics. Since G. was born, I’m not the same. We used to be 4-6 time a week, people. Now, I’m lucky if I feel like doing it 2x a week. It’s not because I’m tired, or stressed…it’s gotta be hormones or something. It’s gotta give, and it’s gotta give soon.

Pay down our $1800 credit card debt and pay FIL $2000 that he loaned me for school.

That’s a good start. I’ll probably add to it at some point.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, my zero readers. 🙂