Even though I didn’t sleep well last night (Michael’s snoring drove me to the couch), we’ve had a good day so far. Woke up, showered, made breakfast for me and Gracie…when I got out the whisk to make the scrambled eggs, she grabbed it and said “I do!! I do!!!”. It was the first time I’d heard her say that. She is growing up so fast. Anyway, we had breakfast, got dressed and went to the Bounce House for playtime. What a workout! It’s one of those places with the huge inflatable bounce “houses” indoors…climbing ladders, sliding down slides, jumping through obstacles. We had fun. Mama got a nice vinyl burn on her elbow…I’ll live. Gracie loved it. We played for about an hour, then had lunch and came home. She’s napping peacefully now, so I’m getting in a little computer time. I’m trying to limit my surf time so I don’t get sucked in to every single web page…there is a life outside the ‘net. Or so I hear…LOL