So, I decided to cook dinner for the family tonight. On the menu:

Irish Soda Bread (I’m actually going to make it!)

Corned beef brisket cooked with Guinness

Cabbage patties (blanched cabbage with egg, bread crumbs, seasonings, made into patties , then pan fried)

Garlic mashed potatoes

Guinness Chocolate Cake

I don’t like Guinness, except in food. Too thick for my taste. I’ll pick up some Harp’s for me.

The husband’s family being part-Irish (paternal side from County Kerry, I do believe) makes St. Patty’s Day a must-celebrate holiday. Even if it’s just buying Guinness, Killian’s, Boddington’s and Harp’s and drinking and visiting. Of course, with the girl-child around, it’s not much drinking these days. Someone has to stay sharp to keep her out of the kitchen knives.