Michael and I saw “Watchmen” yesterday. I thought it was awesome.

I’ve never read the graphic novel. We have it on the computer; I’ve just never taken the time to read it.

It was gorier (is that a word?) than I thought; lots of blood, slashing and hacking. The full frontal of Dr. Manhattan wasn’t too distracting. Except when he walked. You couldn’t help but let your eyes drift downward…and watch his magnificent package sway back and forth. Ahem.

The sex scene between Nite Owl II and Silk Spectre II….HOT. Something about making love to Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” (roughed up bow-chicka-bow-wow) version) while floating in the clouds in Archie…nice. Michael got to reap the rewards when we returned home.

I need to get a pair of those boots.

I went into the movie with no fanboy (fangrrl?) expectations. I was just looking for a good story, great effects, escapist film. I got what I was looking for. I’m sorry for those who couldn’t just see the film for the action movie, human-nature telling story it was. Maybe when I read the graphic novel, I’ll get a different take on it.

It’s time to get the girl-child up from her nap, and work on laundry and supper. Would anyone make a movie about that?